CRICOS Registration

Our RTO CRICOS registration package is available to current domestic registered RTO’s that now want to offer training to overseas students. The service provides you the structure to demonstrate compliance in your application and audit whilst navigating the process with timely advice from ANKCorp Education Advisory Services. This package is suitable for both a domestic and CRICOS RTO registration. We love to work with all sized businesses, so feel free to contact us to discuss your planned CRICOS RTO.

Our Process

This RTO registration service is delivered in the following way:

Regardless of the industry you want to provide training in from hair dressing to confined space training, chances are we have supported businesses in your sector in the past.

Generations of the workforce are changing rapidly, there are so many skill shortages in Australia. Providing training and assessment for qualified staff with start  closing the deficit we are facing in the labour market.

Compliance and regulators are there to weed out the training providers that do not provide Quality Training and Assessment and more and more these education providers are being closed. This creates the opportunity for quality based and committed providers to enter the market to provide specialised and quality focused training services to help meet the growing demand for skills and filter out.

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CRICOS Registration with ANKCorp

Embarking on the international education journey starts with establishing a rock-solid foundation. For Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) ambitious about broadening their global reach, CRICOS registration process is the pivotal starting point.

What is CRICOS?

The Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) is an indispensable platform for educational institutions looking to make their mark on the global stage. ANKCorp’s specialized RTO CRICOS registration package is crafted to handhold domestically registered RTOs into this expansive realm, ensuring airtight compliance every step of the way.

RTOs, in today’s competitive educational marketplace, need to continually evolve. Securing CRICOS registration requirements is a testament to their commitment to excellence, allowing them to offer diverse courses to international students in Australia, ensuring each student receives an education that’s not only high-quality but also globally recognized.

Why CRICOS Registration Matters

With globalization in full swing, Australia has emerged as a beacon for higher education. Each year, a multitude of international students pinpoint Australia as their educational epicenter. Their primary compass? The CRICOS registry. Institutions recognized by CRICOS are seen as flag bearers of quality, compliance, and trust. This isn’t merely a regulatory nod; it’s an emblem of global recognition and respect.

Our Proven Process

  1. Initiation: Upon receipt of your initial commitment, we initiate an insightful teleconference. This isn’t just a call; it’s the beginning of a journey where we delve deep into understanding your unique needs and charting the best course forward.
  2. Application Action Plan: We then sculpt a tailor-made action plan, demystifying all application intricacies. We don’t provide the same services to every client because we understand every RTO is unique. We develop a personalized blueprint that will steer you to the success you want to achieve.
  3. Collaboration: Collaboration is a major part of our consultancy approach. Through a shared Dropbox folder, we ensure that every document, every piece of evidence, is systematically organized, leaving no room for oversight.
  4. Resource Allocation: Our commitment to your success is further evident through the resource allocation – a robust quality management system replete with RTO policies, procedures, and tools that become your arsenal for managing learners.
  5. Documentary Guidance: Our repository of example documents serves as a lighthouse, illuminating your path during the application assembly, ensuring you never feel lost.
  6. Tech Support: In the digital age, having the right technological backbone is essential. We guide you towards an AVETMISS-compliant cloud-based student management software, ensuring your operations are always a step ahead.
  7. Constant Communication: We’re not just consultants; we’re your partners. Our team remains accessible, ensuring every question you have is answered, every concern addressed.

Understanding CRICOS Registration

The journey to CRICOS registration process, though methodical, can be labyrinthine. Spanning typically 3 to 6 months, with an additional 2 to 4 weeks of anticipation for the CRICOS code, this journey is peppered with critical milestones. ANKCorp’s mastery of the CRICOS registration requirements and process ensures you’re always in safe hands. Our team’s deep-rooted understanding of the ESOS Act, the National Code, and other pertinent regulations means that every move made, every decision taken, resonates with regulatory expectations, assuring a smoother sail through the registration journey.

Industry Insights

The educational landscape is at a critical juncture, with technology, healthcare, sustainability, and business e-commerce dynamics steering its direction. RTOs, armed with CRICOS register process, are at the helm, perfectly positioned to mold the future workforce. They are uniquely empowered to adapt and respond to these seismic shifts, crafting courses that resonate with both current demands and future trends. This proactive approach ensures students are not just educated but are industry-ready, able to tackle real-world challenges head-on.

Why Choose ANKCorp

ANKCorp transcends traditional consultancy. With a legacy built on decades of industry immersion, we represent partnership, trust, and relentless commitment. Our team, equipped with a wealth of insights, is singularly dedicated to propelling your institution to global prominence. We are committed to helping you not only meet but establish new benchmarks of excellence.

Here's a Glimpse into the Future

Australia’s workforce is at an inflection point, characterized by palpable skill shortages. As regulatory agencies intensify their scrutiny, sidelining non-compliant entities, a golden window of opportunity flings open. RTOs, rooted in quality and vision, can seize this moment to leave an indelible mark, shaping the future contours of international education in Australia.


The journey to meeting the CRICOS registration requirements, while undeniably complex, becomes a guided expedition with ANKCorp. Whether your focus is on niche sectors like hairdressing or broader domains like confined space training, our breadth and depth of industry expertise ensure your institution doesn’t just stand out but soars, consistently outpacing compliance benchmarks.

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