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ANKCorp is a leading education advisory firm that provides strategic and innovative advice to a diverse client base in the education sector. We assist our clients in achieving their divestment, acquisition, and expansion goals by offering comprehensive and integrated services. Our dynamic team supports clients through all phases of the transaction cycle through expert capabilities and deep knowledge and understanding of markets, financial and regulatory issues. We serve our clients from Australia, Canada, India, UK, Vietnam, and Singapore.

What We Do

When engaging with ANKCorp, you can expect significant engagement with expert dealmakers, bespoke transaction facilitation and the highest level of confidentiality and privacy. We bring together the brightest and most talented members to deliver outstanding and memorable service to our clients. We assist in managing multi-functional teams to provide tailored advice on each transaction.

Our History

We measure our performance not by results but by the long-term relationships with our clients.

Since we began our operations back in 2016, we had the pleasure of being involved in over 150 education transactions. Despite the difficulties presented by Covid entering the 2020s, we were and continue to achieve remarkable results due to our dedication and commitment to our clients and the education industry.

Until 2021 our core focus was within the Australian market (RTO’s & CRICOS), we have now shifted our focus to a broader scope and have Education Business listings across India, Vietnam, Canada, Singapore and more.

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Services We Offer

Introducing a wide range of education businesses from profitable long-standing institutions to bespoke colleges in niche markets.
Providing experienced and market guidence on full or partial sale options for your education business; developing sale strategies, leading negotiations, and achieving premium outcomes.
Through our wide network throughout Australia and the world, our team can introduce unique connections to create opportunity and capitalise on synergies.

Market Appraisals

By appraising your education business you will get a full picture of where your institute stands in the ever-moving market. This will give you expert advice and knowledge of how and when to add value to your business.



Our sales team at ANK Corp provides a holistic approach to the sale of your RTO or Higher Education business. Reaching into our 25,000 + active buyer network in addition to state-of-the-art listing platforms and marketing tools we are confident to achieve a satisfactory result for you and your stakeholders.

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Since 2016 ANK Corp has been engaged with the Education Industry, building relations and trust of quality training providers throughout the country. You can be confident that no matter what you are looking for whether a boutique business in rural NSW to a multi-state established operation with historical profitability and impeccable compliance. ANK Corp will be able to find you the right College and guide you through the sale process from start to finish.

Over 100+ RTOs Sold, Happy retained Clients


Welcome to ANKCorp, where educational aspirations meet expert advice.

Founded with a mission to revolutionize the education sector through strategic guidance, ANKCorp has cemented its reputation as a leading global education consultancy firm. Our expertise lies in navigating the intricate corridors of the educational landscape, offering unparalleled advice to diverse clientele on RTO sales, purchases, and mergers.

What distinguishes us is our capability to deeply understand the unique requirements of diverse educational environments. Our global presence gives us a special advantage, allowing us to provide education consultancy services that make sense locally while benefiting from our worldwide insights. We are currently operating in six countries, which are:

  • Australia
  • India
  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • The United Kingdom
  • Vietnam

Join us on this educational journey as we strive to make a transformative impact, one institution at a time.

What Sets Us Apart:

In the vast landscape of educational advisory services, ANKCorp shines uniquely, distinguishing itself from the rest. But what exactly anchors our prominence in this domain?

Deep Engagement with Expert Dealmakers:

At the heart of ANKCorp lies our core principle of forging profound engagements. We’re not mere consultants; we’re partners in your journey. Our dealmakers don’t just skim the surface. They dive deep, understanding every facet of the online education business for sale deal, ensuring every transaction is tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Unwavering Confidentiality and Privacy:

Your trust is our foremost priority. Recognizing the sensitive nature of educational transactions, we place paramount importance on ensuring every detail, every conversation, and every piece of data is safeguarded with the highest standards of confidentiality.

A Team like No Other:

The essence of ANKCorp is its people. Comprising some of the brightest minds in the industry, our team brings a diverse pool of experience, expertise, and passion. Together, we ensure that every client not only achieves their desired objectives but surpasses them. Choose ANKCorp, one of the leading higher education consulting firms, where excellence isn’t just a promise; it’s our legacy.

Our Historical Milestones:

Stepping back into the annals of ANKCorp’s journey, we trace a legacy marked by dedication, resilience, and groundbreaking success.

  • Founding in 2016: It all began in 2016. A vision to transform the educational advisory landscape materialized into ANKCorp. A dream was set in motion, aimed at bridging gaps, forging alliances, and elevating institutions to their pinnacle.
  • An Enviable Track Record: Our commitment and expertise are not just words but are reflected in our achievements. With over 150 education transactions to our name, we’ve carved a niche, establishing ourselves as industry frontrunners and trusted partners for countless institutions.
  • Triumph Amidst Adversity: The advent of the Covid era posed unprecedented challenges. But where many saw barriers, we saw opportunities. Adapting, innovating, and persevering in the field of global education consultancy, ANKCorp not only weathered the storm but emerged stronger, scripting success stories that resonate in these trying times.
  • Global Ambitions Realized: From our early days with a core focus on the Australian market, our vision was never confined by geographies. Driven by the ambition to create a global footprint, we expanded our horizons, extending our expert services to international regions like India, Vietnam, Canada, Singapore, and more.

Join us as we reminisce our milestones, each one a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in the realm of educational advisory. As we reflect on these milestones, we’re reminded of the journey, the challenges, and the triumphs, and we’re invigorated to continue forging a path of distinction in the world of educational advisory.

Comprehensive Services:

At ANKCorp, we pride ourselves on offering a suite of all-encompassing education consultancy services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our unwavering dedication, coupled with deep sectoral knowledge, positions us as your perfect partner in the education business arena.

  • Buying: Delve into the world of educational enterprises with us. Whether you’re exploring bespoke colleges in niche markets or seeking established educational institutions, our vast portfolio ensures that you’re presented with opportunities that align with your vision.
  • Selling: Navigate the complex terrain of divestment with our seasoned experts by your side. We provide nuanced market guidance, whether you’re considering a full or partial sale. Our global education consultancy team is adept at crafting strategic sale plans, leading negotiations, and ensuring that you achieve the best possible outcomes for your education business.
  • Mergers: Leverage the power of our expansive global network. By introducing you to unique connections worldwide, we lay the groundwork for potential mergers, allowing you to capitalize on synergies and create transformative opportunities.
  • Market Appraisals: Gain a clear understanding of where your educational business stands in the dynamic market landscape. Our detailed appraisals provide you with invaluable insights and actionable advice, ensuring that you’re equipped to augment the value of your enterprise.
  • Sales Strategy: Trust in our holistic approach when it comes to selling your RTO or Higher Education business. Our robust sales strategy, underpinned by an extensive 25,000+ active buyer network and avant-garde marketing tools, guarantees optimal results, satisfying both you and your stakeholders.
  • Personalized Buying Assistance: Our relationship with the education sector has been built on trust and credibility since our inception in 2016. Whether you’re drawn to a boutique establishment in rural NSW or a multi-state behemoth with a legacy of profitability, you can rely on ANKCorp to guide you seamlessly from selection to acquisition, ensuring a perfect fit for your aspirations.

At ANKCorp, every service is more than just a transaction. It’s a commitment to your success, ensuring that every decision aligns with your objectives and propels you towards your envisioned future.

Success Stories:

Success, as they say, speaks for itself. At ANKCorp, our triumphs resonate through the numerous satisfied clients and the monumental milestones we’ve achieved together providing international education consultancy services.

  • Over 100+ RTOs Sold: Our expertise isn’t just showcased in the numbers, but in the impact we’ve made. Facilitating the sale of over 100 Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), we’ve played a pivotal role in the reshaping and growth of the education sector. Each deal of online education business for sale we seal is a testament to our meticulous approach, deep sector knowledge, and unwavering commitment to our clients.
  • Trevor’s Experience: Working with the ANKCorp team, especially under Jack’s leadership, was nothing short of transformative. The outcome we achieved was beyond my wildest expectations, a testament to their strategic approach and profound market insights. What made the journey even more commendable was the seamless transition, a product of Jack’s unparalleled expertise with ASQA and his deep understanding of the nuances of change-of-ownership processes with various funding bodies.
  • Kevin’s Journey with ANKCorp: Engaging with ANKCorp for the sale of an RTO in Melbourne was one of the best decisions I made. Not only did we manage to finalize the deal within weeks, but the entire process was smooth and devoid of hitches. A big shout out to Jack for his exemplary professionalism and invaluable assistance. ANKCorp isn’t just one of the higher education consulting firms; it’s a partner that walks with you every step of the way.

 At ANKCorp, our clients’ successes are our own, and these stories inspire us to keep setting the gold standard in educational advisory services.

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At ANKCorp, our journey is about more than just transactions; it’s about forging lasting partnerships and creating success stories together. Consider ANKCorp Education as your reliable partner, and let’s begin this thrilling adventure together. Reach out to us today to commence your journey toward achieving educational greatness and business prosperity. Make an investment in the future of education. Invest in the future of education today!

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