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For about the last two years, ASQA has dramatically changed the way that it undertakes their audits of providers. They now call it a “performance assessment” which in my view is just an extension of woke madness where we try and soften things up to make people feel better about the process. Let’s just be real, it is an audit, the NVR Act calls it an “Audit”, it is an audit
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Our team combined experience working in education is over 15 years’ experience, we have just seen it all. The evidence is requested in trenches, can be so overwhelming for our clients, we simplify it,
so it spreads the workload over a longer period which makes it more manageable for your RTO. That being said Ok, before you conclude that this all sounds wonderful and maybe ASQA are more flexible or there is less scrutiny, stop right there!

Our Process

ANKCorp Education has been involved in supporting clients through the audit process from helping clients prepare and engage in the audit, attending audit meetings with ASQA, respond to audit findings, and generally providing advice on the evidence being presented.

Too often RTOs that contact education consultants when they have received a report with one of these serious non-compliance outcomes. If you start your RTO with strong foundation of best practices, this will save you so much consulting fees in the long term. Don’t leave it until you get to the serious problems, get your RTO health check on a regular basis, and that you start your preparation at least 12 months out from the date your registration is due to end. Remember that you need to submit your application to renew the RTO registration 90 days before the registration end date. It is critical not to miss this deadline

Importance of Proactive Compliance in the Modern Educational Landscape

In an era where information is at everyone’s fingertips, the expectations from educational institutions have significantly heightened. ASQA standards aren’t mere tick-boxes to be filled; they reflect a commitment to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence in education. It’s not just about passing an RTO internal audit; it’s about being genuinely devoted to delivering quality at every turn.

This evolution in expectations means RTOs must adapt to be more than just reactive entities scrambling at the last minute to meet compliance. Institutions need to be visionaries, charting the course for tomorrow’s education today. That’s where ANKCorp steps in. We believe that the journey towards ASQA compliance begins long before the audit notification lands in your inbox. By working closely with RTOs, we aim to create an atmosphere of perpetual preparedness, ensuring that when changes come – and they will – your institution is not only ready but is leading the way.

ASQA Audit: Navigating the Eight Standards for Compliance:

Over the past two years, the ASQA audit, now termed a “performance assessment,” has seen notable shifts in its approach. However, its rigor remains intact. At ANKCorp Education, with our 15 years in the education sector, we’ve guided numerous RTOs through these evolving ASQA audit requirements and processes. The current approach centers on eight standards. Though these can seem intimidating, with the right insight and guidance, RTOs can confidently navigate this terrain.

What the ASQA Audit Entails:

The ASQA audit is structured around the Standards for RTOs 2015, which consists of eight foundational standards gauging compliance. These standards are categorized into training and assessment, obligations to learners and clients, and RTO’s governance and administration.

  1. Relevant Training & Assessment Strategies: RTOs must ensure their strategies are in line with current industry requirements. A detailed Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS), aligned with the training package and VET accredited course prerequisites, is paramount.
  2. Ensuring Quality in RTO Operations: Upholding, monitoring, and continuously evaluating the quality of training and assessment is essential.
  3. Meeting AQF Certification Documentation Requirements: RTOs must issue AQF certification documents that meet set standards within 30 days of a course’s conclusion.
  4. Transparency in Services: Authentic and accurate marketing materials are crucial.
  5. Clarifying Learner Rights & Obligations: Clear communication about fees, terms, services, and student rights is essential, streamlined through documentation such as enrolment forms or induction handbooks.
  6. Efficient Complaint & Appeal Handling: The focus is on the methodology RTOs employ to address complaints and appeals.
  7. Compliant Governance & Business Operations: Compliance with the Financial Viability Risk Assessment Requirements (FVRAR) is essential.
  8. Cooperation with the VET Regulator: Proactive collaboration with VET Regulators is a cornerstone for maintaining compliance.

Why ASQA Compliance is Paramount:

Quality education has wide-reaching implications in our globalized world, affecting students, industries, and broader economic spheres. ASQA’s role is pivotal in ensuring training organizations maintain optimal standards, equipping students with industry-relevant skills.

Your Partner in Compliance: ANKCorp:

ANKCorp’s specialized services span across “asqa audit report” consultations, “rto internal audit” guidance, and “asqa audit requirements.” Our dedicated “asqa consultants” provide insights tailored to your institution’s needs. Let ANKCorp be your beacon in the intricate realm of RTO compliance.

Facing the ASQA Audit with ANKCorp:

Our mission at ANKCorp has always been to steer RTOs through the intricacies of the audit process. This encompasses audit preparation, active participation in audit meetings with ASQA, and guidance on evidence presentation. Our ASQA consultants advocate for an RTO foundation built on best practices. By conducting regular RTO health checks and planning well in advance, potential issues can be addressed proactively.

But beyond navigating the ASQA audit report, the crux is ensuring that RTOs deliver top-tier education. This necessitates a deep understanding of ASQA standards, weaving them into the fabric of an RTO’s operations, and routinely updating practices for compliance.

Navigating Challenges with Expertise:

The education sector is ever-evolving. RTOs grapple with challenges, from digital education shifts to meeting the diverse needs of students. ANKCorp, with its vast experience, ensures RTOs remain nimble, adaptive, and future-ready.

The ANKCorp Edge:

ANKCorp goes beyond mere compliance. We understand the philosophy underpinning these standards. Our goal is to ensure that RTOs internalize the essence of these standards, making compliance intuitive.

A Proactive Approach to Compliance:

A wait-and-see approach to audits can be perilous. ANKCorp champions a proactive stance. Through regular RTO internal audit processes, staff training sessions, and providing current resources, we ensure our clients are perpetually prepared.

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